All Internet providers are not alike. Dash is a better bet for your small business.

All fiber!

To start with, whenever possible you should select an Internet provider that delivers service via fiber optics. A lot of companies claim to have a “fiber rich” network. That’s code for “we don’t have fiber to your business, but we do have some fiber other places along the way.” Think of it this way: you’re booking a dream vacation to an island in the South Pacific. The travel agent says that ¾ of the way you’re going to be sipping champagne in first class seats! Woo! But the last ¼ of the way you’re riding in steerage on a leaky ship in the middle of a stormy ocean. Would you take that trip? Well, your Internet traffic shouldn’t either. Additionally, fiber optics allow room for growth should your bandwidth needs evolve. Fiber optics are the way to future-proof your small business and get the bandwidth you need for a smooth online experience.

Symmetrical Bandwidth

Does upload speed matter as much as download speed for your business? Not typically. Except for when it does matter, and that’s the point. On occasion you’ll be sending a large file, using a collaboration tool, or the application you’re using just needs more horsepower on the upload side of the connection. So why would you want an Internet service that offers only a fast download and not a fast upload? In a perfect world, both would be fast, right? That’s the world Dash lives in. We offer the same upload and download speeds (1 Gbps or 2 Gbps options), otherwise known as symmetrical bandwidth.

Outstanding Local Support

We believe that the closer we are to our customers, the more accountable we are to them. That’s why our teams live and work in the communities that we serve. When you call Dash Internet, you’re calling a company that has local roots going back over 20+ years in the industry. Put simply, we know that your business online experience matters and we’re here to make your life easier.